Automation, Automotive, and Machine Design Engineers

Mechanical design consultants

Desico Design, Fellsmere, FL 32948   

321-652-7506 cell 772-571-0774 office

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We specialize in the design of custom machinery and automotive projects, but can also offer a manufacturing service for smaller projects. We are ideally set up for design, build and delivery of complete turn-key engineered sub-systems, or complete, smaller systems. A number of machine builders sub-contract portions of large systems to us.


Our capabilities and experience include:-     


  • Dial indexing machines

  • Linear indexing machines

  • Robotic assembly and test systems

  • Automated MIG and TIG welding production cells

  • Automotive part assembly

  • Medical part assembly

  • Part handling

  • Part feeding

  • Tooling and fixtures


  • Chassis design and manufacture

  • Suspension design and manufacture

  • Body molds

  • Prototype building

If your interest is automotive you may want to check out my personal Meerkat project here

Machine Design and solid (3D) modeling

  • Paper and web handling machines

  • Grippers and end of arm tooling

  • Design and manufacture of fabrications and machined parts 

  • Solid modeling, using Solidworks and AutoDesk Inventor products, 

  • FEA, motion analysis, visualization and renderings.

  • FMEA, 2D CAD using AutoCAD and layouts

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Shop Capabilities

  • Milling

  • Turning

  • Surface grinding

  • MIG, TIG and arc welding

  • Tube bending and rolling

  • CNC Plasma cutting

  • Fiberglass molds and moldings